Heartfelt Wall Hangings Mother's Day boutique and Girls Day out!

Friday, April 26th 6-9 & Saturday, April 27th 10-4:30
1323 W 7900 S Suite 103

Heartfelt Wall Hangings by Heidi Salazar
Marie's Market by Danika Salazar
Scentsy by Kira Wilde
Posh by Jenny Martin
Watch Creations by Candice Denti
Twinkle Toes by Danika Salazar
Massages by Erin McDonald
Doterra by Jeanine Metcalf
Dazle me Kirstin Wells
Caramels by Julien Caramels
Key pers by Amy Wooler
It works by Tashina Foster

Girl's Day out class info:
Friday, April 26th 6:00-9:00
Saturday, April 27th

Cost $25.00 Includes a meal from Zuppas Cafe, Drinks, Snacks, and a $20.00 gift certificate to spend on crafts that day! We will have drawings and lots of other specials!



Happy Mother's Day!!!
 Here is our new collection for 2013.
#1 Grandma 2x6
Kit Price: $3.00
Finished Price: $5.95

Always a Mother Now my Friend 5x5
Kit Price:$3.50
Finished Price:$5.95

#1 Nana 5x5
Kit Price:$3.50
Finished Price:$5.95

You Inspire Me 4x7
Kit Price: $4.00
Finished Price: $6.95

Grand in Grandma4x7
Kit Price: $4.00
Finished Price: $6.95

Greatest Nana 7x4
Kit Price: $3.50
Finished Price: $5.95

Mom Definition 11x11
Kit Price: $12.00
Finished Price: $14.95

A Mother's Love 5x7
Kit Price: $5.00
Finished Price: $8.95

Mothers Plant 5x14
Kit Price: $11.50
Finished Price: $15.95

Grandkids Welcome 5x14
Kit Price: $10.50
Finished Price: $14.95

Good Moms 11x17
Kit Price: $17.00
Finished Price: $22.95

What Happens at Grandmas 7x11
Kit Price: $11.50
Finished Price: $16.95

There's no place like home 8x10 
Kit Price: $10.50
Finished Price: $12.95

Called me Mommy 11x11
Kit Price: $12.00
Finished Price:$14.95

Called me grandma 12x12
Kit Price: $10.50
Finished Price:$12.95

You may be the world 12x12
Kit Price: $10.50
Finished Price: $12.95

Best Mom Ever 5x5
Kit Price: $3.50
Finished Price: $5.95


New Mother's Day Designs

We have over 20 New Mother's Day and Grandma Designs coming out this week! 
Check Back Friday for all of the new designs!

DA005 When god made moms
$12.00 In a class or kit
$14.95 Complete


April's FREE Project

APRIL 2013 Free Project

You can also purchase additional ones for $2.50 In a kit or $3.95 Complete

We hold our classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7:00-9:00 and on Saturday's at 10:00-12:00, 12:00-2:00, 2:00-4:00
Call 801-432-8741 To register for a class!

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Ribbon is not included in the FREE project! It is just .50 cents to add it!